Delta 3D Printer

Delta 3D Printer, Single hotends, Multiple hotends, Multi-colour hotends(printing heads), plastic filament and 3D prints .



Make your own ABS colour masterbatch for filament extrusion.



Mix 5 ml ( teaspoon) colour pigment (colourant) with 200 ml acetone. The pigment available in hardware shops for colouring of paint.

Add same amount of plastic pellets to dissolve in the acetone. When fully dissolved spread out on glass and let it dry for a day or two.



Cut up in small pieces the same size as yor plastic pellets. Mix at 2-5 % ratio with your plastic pellets and extrude.

For different colours filament change the ratio of different colours for example to get green filament add 1% blue masterbatch and 2% yellow masterbatch.

Use your own imagination and play around with the mixture to get what you want. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Published here on October 20, 2013