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Xabbax Direct Drive Bowden Filament feeder for a Delta printer



Filament feeder on Nema 17 motor
1.75 mm filament
Bearings - 2 x 696zz with a groove cut in each with a dremel tool.
bearing size outside diameter 15mm hole size 6mm thickness 5mm.
Drive gear with a groove cut in with a dremel tool(Idea from Jeremie Francois)

To fit the pneumatic fitting, tap the hole to the size of the fitting
A 3 mm hole needed at the end of the shaft of the tightening bolt.
Use a 5 mm brass tube with a 4mm plastic tube inside to extend the pneumatic fitting(use super glue)

Download the OpenScad file
You also need to download the hardware.scad file to the same directory.
Download the .STL files(you will need all 5 to complete the feeder)
Filamentfeeder 1
Filamentfeeder 2
Filamentfeeder 3
Filamentfeeder 4
Filamentfeeder 5